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Living Elegance Cleaning & Organization 

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Professional Home Organization Services

Whether the pantry needs some organizing, the garage needs a total make over, or you want an organization system installed in your closet space(s).  Our Organization Specialists work in teams of two, tackling small to large projects. We perform smaller projects in 2, 4, or 6 Hour sessions based on individual needs. For larger projects we provide Free In-Person Consultations that allow for us to assess the situation, set goals, strategize, and execute our plan of action. 

Organization Projects include Bedroom, Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Kids Room, game room, Hobby/Art Room, Closets, Pantry, Nursery, Basements, Garages, Office, Filing Systems and Installation of Closet Organization units. 

Project Challenge: Household Clutter

Request: Given the work schedule and constant travel, they never really had a chance to unpack and settle into their new home.  

Strategy: De-clutter, sort, categorize,  organize, and clean throughout entire home.

Results: Well purposed plan of action producing ultimate customer satisfaction and long term service. 

Project Challenge: Bedroom Clutter

Request: Bring order among chaos!

Strategy: De-clutter, clean up, categorize, organize and create a functional daily routine.

Results: Well organized space and created a systematic approach to maintaining a clean living lifestyle.

Project Challenge: Basement Clutter

Request: Keep all items, but design a functional space that allows for daily use

Strategy: Sort, re-purpose, purchase materials, label, re-arrange, and clean

Results: Opened floor and shelves; stored items/bins for easy access.